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Portfolio I end up spending quite a bit of time online and these are the sites that are responsible for that. If you have not heard of some of these sites, they're worth checking out. If you know the name, click on a link and see what's new!  

Information Design and Usability The interaction designer's coffee break
A List Apart
: Exploring the process of developing web content
Boxes and Arrows: Improving information architecture and interactive design
Good Experience: Focuses on the customer experience
OK/Cancel: Usamajility? Sounds hard.
Signal vs. Noise: A design and usability blog
Use It: You know this one...Jakob Nielsen's website
Ed Foster's Gripelog: Where consumers vent their frustrations with technology

Doc Searls: Random thoughts and provocative questions from an A-list blogger
Hugh MacLeod: Barbed humor and new media insights
Tim Berners-Lee: Often dormant blog from the creater of the web
Bruce Tognazzini: Interaction design solutions for the real world
Don Norman: Site of the author of "The Design of Everyday Things"

Smart Mobs: Takes a close look at how mobile tech is changing our world
Unmediated: Tracking the tools that decentralize media
Tagsonomy: Examines the development of ad hoc organization
Gizmodo: The blog for all the folks with unhealthy gadget obsessions

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Non-profit that seeks to protect digital rights
Society for Technical Communication: Professional organization for TC folks
Seattle Weblogs: Locals represent on the internet

Web Art
Grafik Dynamo
: A dynamically generated web comic
Exploding Dog: Brilliant web art by Sam Brown
Slow Wave: Compact comics derived from dreams
Scott McCloud: Speculations about digital comics

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