Jonathan Speights
This page highlights some of the materials I created as part of my coursework at the University of Washington. Click on the images to see an enlarged version.

Instructional Design

One of the first challenges I faced while teaching TC 231 was explaining the concept of audience analysis. Students had a hard time understanding the idea that technical writing is fluid and can be customized for specific audience groups.

This program was designed to make the discussion of audience characteristics more engaging and also to provide a way for students to review this important information at their own pace outside of class.

Content Map (PDF)
All of the program elements, including content and navigation, were mapped in OmniGraffle during the initial stages of the development process.

Content Map

Program Script (PDF)
Once the project flow was complete, a script that indicated all content, navigation and interactive elements was written. One major goal was to make sure the content length was appropriate for each screen.


Flash Program (SWF)
The program was created using Flash and ActionScript. Multimedia elements were added to make the content more engaging. An evaluation component was added to help students gauge their progress and help the instructor assess the value of the program.

Audience Analysis

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