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This page highlights some of my professional and academic work. Click on the images to see an enlarged version of the screenshots.

Information Architecture

One of the most exciting parts of my job at Modem Media was the opportunity to go beyond simple, static web pages. While I was there I was fortunate enough to have a chance to develop everything from web-based tools to wireless applications for PDAs.


Synopsis: With a phenomenal amount of material to work with and limited space on the home page, I had to figure out a hierarchy for the information on this page and determine how it could be intuitively organized. The result is a corporate home page that met the needs of GE's many businesses as well as the site's visitors. home page

Project: IBM - eBusiness on Demand

Synopsis: IBM wanted to show off eBusiness on Demand, a range of services that aimed to turn IBM technology and computing resources into a new kind of utility. I helped structure the presentation of information on the page to effectively deliver the information that our target audience would be looking for.

IBM eBusiness on Demand page

Project: Harrisdirect - Rich Media Landing Page

Synopsis: This asset was designed to let us present a great deal of valuable information about Harrisdirect in a very small space. This approach allowed us to create very specific banner ads that lead users to specific areas within the landing page. I created the initial wireframes for the project, wrote all of the content, and even got to do some sound editing.

Harris Direct Rich Media Home Harris Dierct Rich Media Tools Harrisdirect Rich Media Final

I was also responsible for creating flow documentation for the project. The following is one simple example that was created for our rich media ad unit. I was also responsible for creating flow documentation for the online tools we developed for Benjamin Moore.

Harrisdirect Functional Flow

Project: User-Centered Design (TC 518) Assignment - EPost

Synopsis: I chose UW Catalyst's EPost as the tool to evaluate in my user-centered design class. I created personas, did a heuristic evaluation, ran a usability test and created these wireframes to indicate the basic structure of my proposed revisions. The focus in this project was on repositioning information and controls rather than adding new features to the tool. These wireframes are presented as PDF files.

EPost Home Epost Category Page EPost Thread Page


Synopsis: Refresh Seattle is a local organization of new media professionals who are passionate about web standards, usability and the potential of new web technologies. I created this wireframe as part of the effort to establish an online presence that reflects the goals of the organization.

Refresh Seattle Home Page

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