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This page highlights a few of the projects where I led the content creation efforts at Modem Media. Click on the images to see the enlarged versions.

Web Content

One of the biggest challenges at Modem Media was the task of distilling content from multiple sources into formats that were appropriate for the web. This involved everything from content audits to the creation of new material. Restructuring and repurposing existing content also meant that I began incorporating information architecture into my list of responsibilities.


Synopsis: The redesign of GE's corporate site involved a significant shift in the way GE presented itself online. This page highlighted information from all of GE's major businesses, including a promotional element for NBC. I was responsible for all of the content on this page and had to make sure it was brief, in line with corporate branding standards and appropriate for the web. I also wrote the tagline, something Jakob Nielsen once remarked was the kind of thing you pay someone $100,000 dollars for. Based on that sentiment, this line was a bargain. Home Page

Project: GE in the Community

Synopsis: The original GE in the Community site was the result of one employee's voluntary efforts. Our goal was to give the information a more cohesive presentation and a more professional look. That meant we had to reorganize and edit a great deal of the content on the site.

GE in the COmmunity Home Page

Project: Kodak PMA Flash Presentation

Synopsis: The following Flash presentation was designed to be run from the Kodak booth at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Conference. The goal was to have one tool that could be presentated by a Kodak employee, run automatically in a kiosk or be navigated by a user. The content was culled from a wild collection of print brochures, flyers, web pages and other digital documentation.

Kodak PMA Presentation

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